Lyall Design Architects
Jaguar Porsche 01.jpg

Checkered Flag Jaguar and Porsche



Virginia Beach, Virginia

The design team was tasked with creating two distinctly different showrooms that could coexist within the same building, while satisfying the owner’s requirements and the manufacture’s brand expectations. The administration offices, service drive-thru, vehicle delivery area, training room, restrooms and hospitality station would be shared by both, and designed with neutral finishes to mollify the transition between the two sides while still providing some continuity in the overall design.

The Jaguar showroom has a warm feel throughout, with wood finishes and earth tones that seem to pull from the vehicles themselves. Cove lighting around the entire showroom and lounge create a more comfortable environment and enhances the customer’s experience. The wood flooring, custom display cases, and leather furnishings only amplify Jaguar’s luxurious brand. Over-sized graphics were also used to highlight the manufacturer’s long and prestigious automotive history.

The Porsche showroom evokes a more industrial tone that highlights its passion for automotive precision. This was expressed with the use of metal panels inside and out, butt-glazed glass, exposed interior roof structure, spiral ducts, and pendant lights. The neutral finish palate of white, gray, and black allow for the luxury automobiles to be the main focus within the showroom. The use of graphics and retail display items provide additional accents throughout.