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Norfolk, Virginia

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Work at CIRS. Lab tech Nanette Sibal assembles a simulation of a human called a “phantoms,” painstakingly crafted of unique epoxy resins that mimic human tissue and outfitted with thousands of sensors .

A pair of phantoms will be VIP passengers in an Orion crew capsule scheduled to launch as early as next summer from Cape Canaveral on its maiden exploration mission. No actual astronauts will be aboard.

Their goal: to determine if a special protective vest, called AstroRad, can adequately protect the female body from six weeks of space radiation.

It will be a sacrificial mission of sorts for Helga, who will fly unprotected. Zohar will be wearing an AstroRad.


CIRS Inc., a long time Norfolk-based Biomedical Company relocated from Norfolk Commerce Park to develop their new $5.3 million, 50,000 s.f. building in the Central Business Park of Norfolk. Designed to support the Company’s business of Computerized Imaging for Tissue Simulation and Phantom Technology associated with the medical and medical science industry. The project supports multiple disciplines, all working collaboratively, in engineering research, design, fabrication and distribution. The building was designed and programmed to provide expansion in the sectors of the company’s projected growth. The efficiencies employed by the collective partnering between Owner, Design Team and the Construction Team has been realized in the performance and profitability of the Company since the buildings completion.

Engineer Hunter Gall & President Mark Develin in the manufacturing

Engineer Hunter Gall & President Mark Develin in the manufacturing


CIRS Exterior Elevations

CIRS Construction Progress