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Dare County Emergency Operations Center

Dare is one of three counties in North Carolina to consolidate emergency 911 communications. Once calls are dispatched from the new facility, 911 staff will be communicating with over 50 agencies to provide emergency services in a three county area that covers approximately 3,400 miles. The average number of calls has been estimated at 153,000 per year or one call every 30 seconds. The new building also provides administrative offices for Dare County EMS, Dare County Emergency Management, the Dare County Fire Marshal, and serves as the Dare County Emergency Operations Center (EOC), where agencies come together to work during emergency response and recovery operations, such as hurricanes.


Manteo, North Carolina

Dare County consolidated their emergency 911 communications center into one location. Through collaboration with Schrader Group, we were able to develop an emergency response center, that uses state-of-the-art radio and telephone communication systems that can handle an average of 153,000 calls a year. In addition to the dispatch control center and support room, the program provides space for administrative offices for the Dare County EMS, Emergency Management, and the Fire Marshal. A full kitchen and bedrooms were included for the first responders and storm damage assessors to eat and sleep for days through the worst of a hurricane. The building materials used in the project can withstand both natural and man-made disasters including winds up to 150 mph.