Lyall Design Architects

Silver Palette Bistro & Catering



Virginia Beach, Virginia

Co-owners John and Marcie Telfer earned their reputation for gourmet food and attention to detail with their catering service established in 2001.  As word spread and loyal customers grew it was apparent to the owners that they should expand their business to provide a dining experience that would parallel their current success.  By doubling the current space we were able to achieve a combination of public and private seating that feels intimate and open at the same time.  Special attention was paid to the details and this is extremely evident in the restrooms.  Copper Penny walls, cream porcelain tile floors and a combination of marble and mahogany wood slats form a wall length vanity to set the tone of the space earning the reputation as the regions “Best Loo” by the Virginian Pilot Readers.  The budget is always a concern for the owners and can be a challenge or reward for the design if handled successfully.  Paintedm and wood veneer laminate can be found throughout with purple heart hardwood accents and stainless steel reveals.    The end result is a very relaxed atmosphere that is warm and inviting.  Enjoy.